Testing & Certifications

Every sofa component is tested to ensure that each one complies with the strictest international standards as well as guaranteeing maximum comfort and resistance to wear: the materials are subjected to repeated tests in order to measure their performance and resistance over time in every situation and weather condition. The special polyurethane foam padding is patented and developed at facilities in Italy.

All our products are compliant with strict international standards concerning quality management and environmental protection. After passing over 200 quality and conformity tests they gain certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and E-1 certification – which stands as proof of our commitment to operating with low environmental impact.

It is this continuous research for superior quality that lets us offer a 10-year warranty on the structure of our products and 2 years on padding, mechanisms and upholstery.


Our coverings, which are available in a wide range of colours, go from leather, selected from the best hides in the world and subject to rigorous processing in the tanneries, passing through special microfibres with a silky touch, conveying durability, up to a varied collection of high quality soft covers.


This highly valued material isn’t just long-lasting, but improves its appearance as years go by. It’s strong, flexible and it naturally adapts to the shape of your body to offer the utmost comfort. Cool in summer and warm in winter, leather upholstery is easy to take care of. At Italian Sofa Specialists we offer you an unparalleled choice of articles from two major families: Natural and Protected.

Natural Leathers

Extraordinarily soft and velvety, Natural leathers are treated to leave intact the original characteristics of the hides. Variations in grain, veining and colour shades guarantee that the natural beauty of the leather has not been altered; they are to be considered as a sign of the most precious qualities of this noble material, adding great value to your purchase. Natural leathers are ideal for people who love the refined elegance of natural interiors.

Protected Leathers

Soft and strong, Protected leathers are coated with a thin protective film preserving them from stains without affecting their beauty. They are particularly suitable for an intensive usage of the sofa as in presence of children and pets.


Microfibre is a family of high-technological coverings combining beauty, durability, easy care; it differs from common microfibres thanks to its unusual soft touch, its patterns and its elegant colour palette. Easy to maintain, they are suitable for those who want an informal lifestyle, without sacrificing a touch of exclusivity and elegance.

Soft covers

The fabric is a versatile covering that fits naturally in any environment. The soft covers used by Italian Sofa Specialists come from the world’s top fabric manufacturers and are submitted to numerous quality tests in the laboratories prior to release into the market. The fabrics used for models with removable coverings are especially selected for their ability to maintain their beauty, even after repeated washing.

Our soft covers are available in many colours and compositions: from the most sober colour tones to the most trendy ones; from linen to cotton, from chenille to tailored fabrics, our coverings guarantee authentic quality and satisfy a wide array of tastes.